Premium motor oils for today's passenger cars

SUPREME passenger car motor oils protect against thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear.

Petro-Canada offers a full line of high quality passenger car motor oils that exceed the latest performance credentials of the major car manufacturers.

SUPREME Product Lines

SUPREME™ Synthetic

Our most advanced motor oils, formulated to protect longer under severe...

SUPREME™ Synthetic
Blend XL

Our extra advantage choice for improved fuel economy and fewer top-ups.


Our premium conventional choice for enhanced protection year round.

Why Choose SUPREME?

Exceeds Service Requirements

Meets or exceeds ILSAC GF-5 & API SN requirements and are backward serviceable to previous categories.

Exceeds the latest service requirements for most gasoline powered engines found in North American and Asian passenger cars and light trucks.

Longer Engine Life & Protection

Provides extended engine life, exceptional resistance to high temperature thermal breakdown, outstanding low temperature fluidity, reduced oil consumption and protection of exhaust emission control systems.  

Oils are compatible with high ethanol fuels (up to E85).

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